With summer just around the corner, a northwest Arkansas bike trail offers something for everyone.

Justin Huss, Executive Director, Eureka Springs Parks and Recreation Commission says, “This is a series of trails that are down hill, similar to a ski slope.”

Huss says in the past few years, they’ve expanded from their original trail.

He explains, “Now we have seven down hill trails, ranging from easy to double black difficulty trails.”
Huss says Leatherwood Trail offers something for everyone, adding, “We have some entry level trails, beginner trails, but we also have double black diamond trails.”

And don’t let the jumps scare you. Huss says on most trails, there are alternative paths when it comes to the obstacles.

He explains, “So if you’re not quite up to the big jumps, there’s always a way to go around, except on our double black diamond trail.”

Huss says most of the trails are around a mile long, and connect into a return trail, but if you’d rather save your energy for the next run, he says, “What we offer is a shuttle service, it’s $20 for a day, $10 for half a day.”

He says on a good day, the shuttles will allow to get in four runs an hour without having to peddle back to the top.

If you’d like to make more than just day out of the trails, Huss says there several options there as well.

He says, “We have house keeping cabins that have small kitchens, we have our bike cabins, which are kind of a tiny house, camping cabins, we also have over 20 camp sites, a few RV sites.”

This has been a paid advertorial by the Eureka Springs City Advertising and Promotion Commission.