Northgate Plaza in Pittsburg to get much needed upgrades


A mall in Pittsburg will get some much needed upgrades.

Pittsburg leaders want to enhance the shopping experience for residents as well as for those passing through. The upgrades would give Northgate a facelift, something the complex hasn’t had in a couple decades.

The city has reached a community improvement district agreement with developers to make aesthetic improvements to Northgate Plaza. The improvements will be funded through a nine-tenths of a cent sales tax from the stores at the shopping center.

“The signage hasn’t been updated for several years, that’s such a visible spot on North Broadway that we feel like would make a big difference. Developers have also agreed to put an 8 foot sidewalk in front of that. Especially in that part of town is a big priority for the city,” says Blake Benson, Exec. Dir. of Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce.

The Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce says the project is a no-brainer for the community. They recognize the amount of traffic the area sees and now they are looking to do something about it.

“They showed us that there are a lot of people that are coming to Pittsburg to do their shopping, they’re coming here for their healthcare, they may work here. And so we really feel an onus as a community to make sure that our town is attractive,” says Blake Benson.

And businesses at Northgate are looking forward to the changes. Elizabeth Buchanan with National TV says the improvements will put them in step with all the other new locations in the area.

“We could definitely use an upgrade. I feel like it would attract more customers, something new, a new face. It will definitely bring more, better business to us,” says Elizabeth Muchanan, manager of National TV.

In addition, the city hopes the improvements help bring even more businesses to the complex. And construction for the upgrades is set to start sometime at the end of this year.

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