WYANDOTTE, Okla. — School upgrades and safety — and a slight hike in property taxes — entail a school bond issue in Wyandotte.

Residents will hit the polls Tuesday. It’s a $2 million bond issue that would add new classrooms and connect the Pre-K-Kindergarten building, the old gym, the first through 5th-grade building, and the cafeteria. Designs also include an indoor pathway so students aren’t exposed to outside elements.

As for property taxes, anyone who paid $500 can expect to pay $2.79 more per month.

“The previous bond is being paid off in next summer, well, in June. If this bond passes, then we’re gonna sell the bond, or do this in April. This bond’s anticipated to come in a little bit less than, as far as mills, than the bond 10 years ago for the FEMA saferoom. There’ll be a little bit of a tax raise because you’ve paid one off and, or you’ve paid one down, but it’s gonna be less than it was when we started this process 10 years ago,” said Brad Wade, Wyandotte Schools Superintendent.

Construction plans would also involve a new front entrance from Main Street, better parking, and a more accessible school office. If approved, officials hope to have everything finished sometime in 2025.