MIAMI, Okla. — You can exercise your mind and body at the same time at an area library.

Thanks to a health literacy grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, you can now read and work out at the same time in Miami.

The Miami Library is taking part in a pilot program with the bikes, which librarians say they wouldn’t have been able to purchase without the grant.

The two adjustable exercise bike desks have been in place for about a month, allowing library patrons to exercise while reading or working on a laptop, all free of charge.

“So we have two stationary bike desks that anyone can come in and use, as long as they’re 16 and older. We just ask them to fill out a survey for us so they can read, set their laptops on them. They’re completely adjustable, and we just want to know what their goal is for using it,” said Callie Cortner, Director, Miami Library Arts & Culture.

The library also received a smaller version of the same machine, allowing readers to either use their feet or hands to turn the wheel.

They also provide free Tai Chi on Monday and Wednesday afternoons starting at one and line dancing classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings at the Miami Civic Center.