TULSA, Okla. – Oklahoma is a bedrock of rocks.  So many a Tulsa architect placed them randomly on the interior walls of a 1962 mid-century modern architectural icon.

The Osher house is listed at $925,000 and has three bedrooms, and three bathrooms and is 2,785 square feet.

Photos of the Tulsa home and its listing circulated on social media after the Zillow Gone Wild Facebook account posted photos along with the caption:  “I’ve never said this before but here’s a perfect mid-century modern home in beautiful Tulsa, OK.”

Designed by Blaine Imel, a Bruce Goff protégé, the residence provides a serene, resort-like sanctuary in the heart of Tulsa, according to the listing.

The single-level home exhibits architectural hallmarks of the mid-century, painstakingly restored with new carpeting, hardwood floors, and an updated kitchen and bathroom.

The outdoor living area is a modern oasis situated in nearly half-acre, with a custom pool, mature trees and all the privacy one could want, the listing states.

The house has been on the market for 28 days.

Some of the 1,100 comments on Zillow Gone Wild:

“I love all of this, but the carpet is terrible, but that’s an easy rip out. I just don’t get the random placement of the rocks all over. I feel like you need more as a statement or none at all. But I love the house overall! I even like the cheese wedge of a bathroom sink.”

Please honey can I have a Tiffany blue tub & toilet?!” “What?! No!” “I’ll let you have a fireplace that doubles as a pizza oven in the living room & make sure you can rock climb every wall in the house…..?!?!

“I thought I was a rock climbing wall at first and then saw the inside and was like, nah, that’s just ugly rocks.”

“Maybe they can’t afford art. Oklahoma has lots of rocks.”

“Sure, it’s a circular house so decorating is a pain, and the pool looks like a giant eye, and there’s random rocks sticking out of the wall, but I ain’t even mad. I like this one.”

Zillow Gone Wild typically lists houses for sale that are unusual or interesting.  The Facebook account has over 1 million followers.