OTTAWA COUNTY, Okla. — Early this morning, the casino security director for “Indigo Sky Casino and Resort” was alerted to a possible threat on the casino floor.

After discussing the possible threat with local law enforcement, who were called to Indigo Sky, it was decided that the threat was credible enough to issue an full evacuation order of the property.

The casino security director said he could not elaborate on what that “possible threat” was.

Around 6:30 a.m. (7/30) all those on the casino floor, including hotel guests and employees, were forced to evacuate the building.

Law enforcement officers worked for two hours this morning, until ultimately determining that the threat was not eminent.

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The “all-clear” was issued at 8:30 a.m., allowing everyone to re-enter the building.

Melanie Heskett, General Manager for Indigo Sky Casino and Resort, attributes their emergency response plan for the quick and orderly evacuation.

“That plan was activated this morning and it worked well to deal with the credible threat at hand,” Heskett said.

“We always preach to our team; see something, say something, and that was what happened this morning, we did get it from a team member off the casino floor, and they reported it immediately, so they did exactly what they were told to do,” said Heskett.

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office, the Wyandotte Nation Police and the Eastern Shawnee Police Department all showed up to assist.