Charlie Addington

QUAPAW, Okla. — Two northeast Oklahoma tribes received three grants earmarked to beef up public safety in the communities and schools.

Quapaw Nation received a $738,793 grant and Wyandotte Nation received $655,551 from the COPS Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation.  Quapaw Nation also received a $238,037 grant from the COPS Office School Violence Prevention Program.

The Quapaw Nation is excited to receive almost $1 million dollars in grant funds, said Charlie Addington, Quapaw Nation Public Safety Executive Director.

“One award will be utilized to purchase law enforcement vehicles and equipment for the Nation’s Marshal Service and the second award will be utilized to enhance some safety and security items at the Quapaw and Commerce schools,” Addington said.

The grant funding allows tribes to fund crucial resources needed to keep our children, citizens and communities safe, he added.

“These grants will help fund and enhance public safety and deepen law enforcement’s connections to the communities we serve.”

U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson

The tribal award is designed to expand the implementation of community policing and meet the most serious needs of law enforcement in tribal communities through a broadened comprehensive program. The school award will help improve security at Quapaw schools through evidence-based school safety programs.

“I am pleased to announce that the Department’s Office of Justice Programs has awarded more than $3 million to combat violent crime and maintain public safety in our district,” said U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson in a prepared statement.

The Justice Department as part of its Comprehensive Strategy for Reducing Violent Crime program funded these grants.