MIAMI, Okla. — A local university honors alumni and current “Norsemen” as part of an annual tradition.

It’s time for the 2023 NEO A&M College Homecoming.

And what better way to celebrate than with “Party on the Lawn” sponsored by “Crossland Construction.”

The annual event featured a new tradition — the “Norse Walk” right through the party — which included NEO cheer and dance — and of course, the football players.

Aside from the NEO pride shown all over campus — there was live music brought by Ashlynn Gray, games, photo opportunities, and plenty of food.

“It’s a great time of fellowship to tell the stories that took place, whether it’s been if it was a couple of years ago or several years ago. Alumni are back on campus, and we’re always appreciative of when they make the effort to be back on campus,” said Dr. Kyle Stafford, NEO A&M College President.

NEO competed against the New Mexico Military Institute “Broncos” this afternoon (Saturday) to wrap up their 2023 Homecoming.