MIAMI, Okla. — An area school district is getting the word out ahead of time on when cell phones can and can’t be used during the school day. And, for some parents, it may take some getting used to.

The start of another school year is a little over a week away in Miami. But district officials want everyone to know ahead of that time when and where cell phones can be used. So they’re using social media to get that word out to both students and parents.

While the cell phone policy hasn’t changed here at the high school this coming school year, that’s not the case for the junior high.

“Students turn their phones off as soon as they get to school, and then they will not turn those phones on until it’s time for them to leave for the day. We understand parents might need their students during the day, if that’s the case, please contact our office and we’ll be happy to get those messages out to students,” said Pam Bevis, 9th & 10th Grade Principal.

While high school students can carry their phones around at any time during the school day, there are times they can’t use them.

“We do not want those cell phones on during class periods but during passing periods, before school, after school, at lunchtime our students are more than welcome to use their cell phones,” added Bevis.

Kanyen Cole will be teaching biology this year at the high school. He’s taught in other districts where it was up to individual high school teachers to come up with their own, and appreciates the effort involved in having one in place in Miami, both for the faculty and students.

“Me instructing people, I think it will help, and I think it will also help them keep their focus on one thing knowing that they can’t check their phones every 30 seconds like they do every day,” said Cole.