MIAMI, Okla. — The Miami Municipal Pool will close temporarily, just days after it opened.

The pool’s opening was first postponed on Memorial Day weekend due to limited staffing. Once the proper number of lifeguards were hired to safely open the pool to the community, the opening was set for June 6th.

While they were able to reach that goal, they now face another obstacle: The Miami Municipal Pool requires 20 lifeguards in order to be fully staffed, but they currently employ 11.

“We are dealing with my staff having previous engagements. Either they are in school or they got school activities, they are playing travel ball, they’ve got cheer camp. A couple of people have a wedding attend in Mexico. So we are running into where we are not able to adequately and safely provide supervision for the pool. So we are choosing to just to close the pool for a few days,” said Lee Ann Coin, Miami Municipal Pool manager.

“Kind of sad and mad because their going to close it. I love coming with my family, brothers, cousins, and friends so. I’ll be kind of mad but it is what it is,” said Erick Cristoball.

The pool will close from June 15th through June 19th. All private parties scheduled and swim lessons will continue as normal.