MIAMI, Okla. — Miami city manager “Bo Reese” calls 2022 the beginning of a resurgence for Miami.

He says it included the completion and ongoing repairs and improvements to the city’s infrastructure.

Reese also talked about the importance of partnering with tribes.

“Obviously flooding and water damage are really hard on roads. And so we’ve been able to make great strides in repairing roads in Miami. With great expectations of investing even more in the next fiscal year. In road repair this current year itself, we’ve been able to, the council committed a little over 3 million dollars,” said Bo Reese, Miami city manager.

Miami city manager Bo Reese says the town is blessed to partner and have support from local tribes.

“So nowhere else in Oklahoma or nationally, can anyone say that? That we have nine tribes that we can partner with and they do so much for this community from infrastructure projects, to child development to commercial areas to not only entertain you, and you know, places to eat,” said Reese.

He says the town saw a huge success in the Second Annual Route 66 Heritage Fest.

“Heritage fest is our annual event that we have in the summer that went off fantastic this year. Was the second annual route 66 heritage fest where we have outdoor music we have the marketplace up and down Main Street. Lots of activities. We had a car show, and this year we added a huge BBQ cookoff,” said Reese.

Reese says Miami also invested in its park and recreation department, which opened the door for quality parks for the community.

“We’re actually going through and picking and determining which parks are most heavily used. And then focusing on those areas and consolidating some equipment, investing in new equipment. We’ve got a great new park splash pad park there just off of Main Street. Where we’ve built our new splash pad but we’re continuing to develop that area.”