MIAMI, Okla. — The month of October is National Fire Prevention Month.

National Fire Prevention Week starts this Sunday.

But – for another year, fire officials with the Miami Fire Department kicked things off a little early.

The historic Coleman Theatre was the site, this morning (Monday), for the department’s annual Fire Prevention Show for area elementary students.

It’s hosting three shows this week in front of more than 2,400 kids.

Close to 500 this morning were entertained – and learned about proper safety techniques and practices – while also getting to see one of their teachers put on all of that firefighter gear.

“It’s a lot of fun. I mean, I really enjoy, and I think all these guys enjoy gettin’ to, you know, listen to the kids laugh and, you know, just be goofy. You know, we’re so serious on the job and yet, now we get to go have fun and, you know, have, have a fun time with all the guys and kids,” said Daniel Allen, Miami Fire Department.

Firefighters stressed to the audience the importance of having a fire safety program – something they say every household should have.