MIAMI, Okla. – Miami city leaders spent $35,000 renovating the community’s tennis courts and adding pickleball courts.

Located at 200 5th Avenue NE the court is used by the Miami High School Tennis teams and is open for public use, said Melinda Stotts, city communications manager.

Photo of the resurfaced courts.

The City of Miami’s Parks and Public Works crews resurfaced, refinished and installed lighting for the two resurfaced tennis courts and six pickleball courts.

“I am excited about the Council’s ongoing commitment to investing in the quality of life for our residents,” Rudy Schulz, former mayor in a prepared statement.  “The Splash Pad and other park improvements are perfect examples.”

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America among all age groups, he said. The city has a core group of dedicated pickleball players in Miami that is quickly growing, Schulz said.

The city’s future plans include possibly adding tournament play. The Miami Public Library recently offered free pickleball lessons with the help of Schultz and others. There are plans for more lessons to be offered in the fall, and dates will be posted on the Miami Public Library’s Facebook page once scheduled.

Ace Hardware and Westco donated funds toward the project.

Pickleball has two or four players using solid paddles to hit a perforated polymer ball over a net. A pickleball court is similar to badminton, with a net similar to tennis, and the paddles are similar to those in table tennis.