WYANDOTTE, Okla. — Some kids in northeast Oklahoma spent part of their Thursday honing their “catch and release” skills.

The Eastern Shawnee Tribe hosted a Kids Fishing Derby at the pond on the property of the tribe’s Housing Authority offices in Wyandotte. Thirty kids took part, using cane poles and worms, and they received assistance from parents, grandparents, and other volunteers.

This fishing derby is part of an educational event the tribe hosts every summer. In addition to learning about items or creatures one might find under rocks on the bank, the kids also learn about the types of fish common to the area.

“I don’t really like really fishing with people, ’cause if they catch a fish they always brag, but it’s pretty fun to fish with my friends,” said Will Wallace, Fishing Derby participant.

“You have to go to a spot where you think there might be a lot of fish, ’cause at our pond at house, at our house, there’s a lot of big yellow fish and so I try to catch them,” said Kennedy, another participant.

How did they do?

“I’ve only caught one fish and 10 tree branches,” said Wallace.

By the way this weekend is a free fishing weekend in the state of Missouri. Additionally, on Saturday morning, kids aged 15 and under will have free access to Kellogg Lake in Carthage for the 22nd Annual Kids Fishing Day.

The event will take place from 8 AM to noon, and the lake will be open to everyone following the event.