GROVE, Okla. — Members of the Grove Sailing Club are still working on storm clean-up efforts, six weeks later.

More than 50 sailboats and three docks were affected from severe wind gusts back on September 5th. Six weeks later, the Sailing Club’s Commodore tells us they’ve cleaned up some of the damage.

Many of the sailboats have been transferred to other marinas while repairs to the docks are made. The community of Grand Lake has even offered dock space to house some of the sailboats. Boats that suffered extensive damage remain on the shore for repairs.

The Commodore estimates it’ll be the first of the year before everything is, literally, smooth sailing again.

“We’re still muddling along. Engineering firms got to report and get insurance settlements. But we’re in the middle of our fall racing series already hadn’t really slowed us down much. We are a resilient bunch you can’t stop us,” said Fred Overstreet, Grove Sailing Club Commodore.

And Commodore Overstreet means that members of the Grove Sailing Club are preparing for their Fall Racing Series this weekend. The Long Distance Classic is on Saturday at 9 a.m., with 10 boats signed up to sail off to the Pensacola Dam and back.