FAIRLAND – A Fairland police officer was charged in Missouri with domestic violence charges.

Colin Raye Kirk, 28, of Loma Linda, Mo., was charged in the Circuit Court of Newton County in Neosho with three felonies; domestic assault in the first degree and two counts in the third degree, and two misdemeanor counts of domestic assault in the fourth degree.

Gordon Williams, Jr., Fairland Police Chief said any decision on putting Kirk on paid administrative leave would be decided by the Fairland Board of Trustees.

Colin Kirk booking photo

Williams did confirm Kirk was employed with the department but not working.

Fairland Mayor Nick Bowers did not return a phone call seeking comment.

Kirk was taken into custody by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department and released on a $9,500 bail, according to Winston Connor, II, Kirk’s attorney.

Kirk has surrendered to Newton County authorities and retained a Missouri lawyer to fight those charges, he said.

“I believe there is hard core proof there are not any intentional or unwanted physical actions toward her,” Connor said, referring to the alleged abuse.

Connor said Kirk repeatedly tried to distance himself from the victim.

The Missouri charges stem from five incidents dating back to July 16, 2021.  Kirk is accused of verbal and physical abuse, according to a probable cause statement.

The victim produced a photograph to authorities showing her face, which was covered by a “bright blue, purple and black bruise the shape of a handprint,” according to the statement.  

In another incident, Kirk is accused of “ramming his elbow into (the victim’s) eye socket” which required surgery, according to the statement.  

Kirk is also accused of violating a June 22, Ottawa County District Court protective order.

Kirk and the victim, a former law enforcement officer, filed dueling protective orders on June 22 against each other, according to Ottawa County District Court records. Both accused each other of domestic violence, records show.  

Kirk’s protective order identifies the victim as a former wife and states “she threatened to make slanderous posts that would end my career and contact CLEET.”

The Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training provides certification to state and municipal law enforcement officers.

Kirk also writes, “I fear for my life and safety.”

The victim’s protective order identifies Kirk as a former boyfriend and outlines four instances of domestic violence dating back to September 2021.

A hearing is set for July 18 in Ottawa County District Court.

Kirk’s history shows he has been involved in several protective orders – mainly, seeking protection against former girlfriends.”

Kirk filed a protective order in 2013 in Muskogee County against a former wife, and two protective orders in 2019 in Mayes County, one against a former girlfriend, and another against a former roommate.

In 2017 a Wagoner County woman filed a protective order against Kirk, but it was dismissed two weeks later, court records show.