FAIRLAND, Okla. — A rural Ottawa County police officer charged with domestic violence said “it’s a slap in the face” the way men are treated when they seek help when they are victims of domestic violence.  

Colin Raye Kirk, 28, formerly of Loma Linda, Mo., was charged in the Circuit Court of Newton County in Neosho with three felonies; domestic assault in the first degree and two counts in the third degree, and two misdemeanor counts of domestic assault in the fourth degree. 

The Missouri charges stem from five incidents dating back to July 16, 2021.  Kirk is accused of verbal and physical abuse against a former girlfriend, according to a probable cause statement.

It is the policy of KSN/KODE not to identify the name of a victim in a domestic violence case. 

When contacted, the victim declined to comment on the advice of her attorney.

“I told her multiple times I didn’t want a relationship,” Kirk said.  “She continuously harassed me.”

“I moved to a different city, got a different job, changed vehicles to stop the harassment,” Kirk said. “I did everything I could to get away from her.”

Kirk denies assaulting the victim saying he tried to end their relationship on many occasions, and the victim was the physical aggressor.  

She was so much the aggressor, Kirk said he sought help from the legal system by filing a protective order against her. 

Court records show both the victim and Kirk filed dueling protective orders in Ottawa County District Court in Miami on June 22.

Kirk said the victim threatened him with a gun and he feared for his life. 

The victim accused Kirk of brandishing a knife saying she was fearful of him, according to her protective order. 

Both were ordered not to have contact with each other, Kirk was ordered not to go to the Loma Linda residence, and both are accused of violating the protective orders. 

Kirk said a protective order violation was filed against the victim in Cherokee Nation Criminal Court in Tahlequah. The Cherokee Nation court records website was not functioning on Wednesday to verify the violation.

A hearing is set for July 18 in Ottawa County District Court on the protective orders. 

The protective order was filed in Oklahoma because Kirk said he left the couple’s house in Loma Linda and moved to Oklahoma. 

“This is why men don’t reach out,” Kirk said. “The system always believes the woman over the man.”  

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence: 1 in 4 men have experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner. 

“It’s like a slap in the face,” Kirk said. 

Male domestic violence victims seldom seek help, he said.  

The estranged couple is former and current law enforcement officers. The victim previously worked for the Ottawa County Sheriff’s office and the Miami Police Department. 

Kirk also worked for the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department and was recently hired by the Fairland Police Department as their K9 officer. 

“She is trying to ruin my career,” Kirk said referring to the charges. 

Kirk’s protective order states “she (the victim) threatened to make slanderous posts that would end my career and contact CLEET.”

The Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training, known as CLEET, provides certification to state and municipal law enforcement officers.

A domestic violence conviction would end Kirk’s law enforcement career. 

Kirk is free on $9,500 bail and hasn’t been actively working at the Fairland Police Department, according to Winston Connor, II, Kirk’s attorney and Fairland Police Chief Gordon Williams, Jr. 

The subject of Kirk’s employment is on the Fairland Board of Trustees’ meeting agenda for Thursday.


The victim accused Kirk of slapping her.  She produced a photograph to authorities showing her face, covered by a “bright blue, purple and black bruise the shape of a handprint,” according to the statement. 

Kirk said the photograph is “doctored up.”   

“I never put my hands on her,” Kirk said. “I have never laid a hand on her.” 

In another incident, Kirk is accused of “ramming his elbow into (the victim’s) eye socket” which required surgery, according to the statement.

The victim posted on a social media site about the injury saying it was an accident, he said.  

Kirk said the victim never had eye surgery.