JAY, Okla. — The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office continues its efforts to try and help bring closure to families.

“I have to look at these families and these victims when they talk to me and it’s important to provide them some closure and show them that law enforcement cares,” said James Beck, Delaware County Sheriff.

The three counties of Craig, Delaware and Ottawa have more than 50 cold cases.

A volunteer cold case unit was launched made up of retired and experienced law enforcement personnel to try and solve cases that offer little to no leads.

According to Sheriff Beck, he is committed to helping families find the answers they need.

“It doesn’t matter how old it is to me. It matters that we should do everything that we can do as an agency and what resources that we have to try to solve this case not only for them but also to bring the person that performed this crime to justice,” said Beck.

Sheriff Beck says that a lot of these cases they are looking at are tied to domestic violence.

“They are some of the cold cases I believe are domestic violence related either due to infidelity or actually true domestic violence from violence or simple control through mental control,” said Beck.

Cold case investigators are currently looking at a number of names.

“We’re looking at Barbara Johnson Willard, Misty Faulkner, Danny Oakley and Doris Harris, Aubrey Dameron and Tyson Wright.

We’re going back the remains of Chris Teel were just recently discovered and we are going back to look at him as well and I know there are a few other ones as well that we’re trying to take a look at,” said Beck.