JAY, Okla. – Delaware County commissioners unanimously approved a burn ban in Tuesday’s regular meeting. 

“From the north part of the county to the south there have been some minor brush fires,” said David Poindexter, commissioner chairman. “We are just trying to head off any problems.” 

“Trouble is coming if we don’t (approve a burn ban),” Poindexter said.  

Delaware County has had zero rainfall in the last 14 days and 0.74 inches of rainfall in the past 30 days, according to Oklahoma Mesonet. 

The average high temperature In Oklahoma on Tuesday was 109.17 degrees, with Mangum hitting 115 degrees. Delaware and Craig Counties registered 110 degrees and Ottawa County 111 degrees, according to the Mesonet.  

Grove Fire Chief Mike Reed said “there is an uptick in grass fires,” 

The culprit can be traced back to when controlled burns rekindle, he said.  

Ottawa and Craig counties are expected to pass burn bans next week at their respective county commissioner meetings.