MIAMI, Okla. — A local splash pad is making sure everyone can have fun and cool off this summer.

“We’re trying to be all-inclusive that way we include everybody in our community,” said Zeb Mingori, parks and cemetery manager for the city of Miami.

Three new swings have been added to the Miami splash pad. This week, the city added a wheelchair swing, reclining ADA seat swing, and a parent-child swing.

“Just the swings alone were about $3,500 and that was just for the swings and for the swing set that they are attached to is about another $3,700,” said Mingori.

The project was funded through the city’s recreational and operating budgets.

The park and cemetery manager said this is an important project that gives everyone the ability to get outside this summer.

“We are trying to include everybody obviously, to get people outside, get them into our parks to enjoy our spaces. We’ve got great parks here in town. Hopefully with this project kicking off that we can include these type of features into other parks within our community,” said Mingori.

New fencing was also added around the swings as well as the Miami splash pad to ensure the safety of those who visit the park.

“And that was something that our citizens here voiced that they wanted is a safety feature added to this because of the high traffic on the street behind us,” said Mingori.

The splash pad is now open to the public Monday through Sunday from 10 am – 8 pm and entry is free.