MIAMI, Okla. — There’s something new in Miami when it comes to animal control. A new ordinance was passed by city council this week. It was done so, in order to keep up with the significant increase in stray cats and/or unwanted dogs in town. The ordinance has a “trap, neuter, and return” policy for stray cats. It also allows the city’s animal control officers to write citations and remove mistreated pets.

City officials say other area communities have created similar ordinances, and have seen up to an 80% reduction in stray animals.

“We’ll set trap the day before our vet appointment is scheduled and then pick those traps up, get those animals fixed and return them back to the exact same location that we picked them up from. We’re not relocating them or doing anything as far as removing cats from the area, but hopefully, over time, that population will slowly decrease. It’s never going to be zero, but hopefully, we can get some control over the situation,” said Maycee Goza, Manager, Miami Animal Control.

The ordinance will go into effect on October 19th. However, city officials say they plan to phase it in slowly to adjust it as needed.