NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Police are still investigating a bizarre break-in at a local Braum’s. However, police said the suspect did not sneak in to steal products.

Instead, he went inside to sleep in the ceiling.

“Apparently, somebody’s in the attic,” said a Braum’s employee to Norman police on body camera footage.

Just before dawn on September 9th, employees on the morning shift at the Braum’s near Porter and Robinson found ceiling tiles missing and broken.

“He’s going to fall through these tiles for sure,” said Officer Deatheridge.

When officers arrived, they found Phillip Hickman laying on the steel beams pretending to be asleep.

“Just up there taking a nap,” said Officer Burris.

“Man, I don’t know how he’s laying up there like that,” said Officer Deatheridge.

Police body cameras are worn on an officer’s chest. Unfortunately, they were not high enough for us to see Hickman. He’s just out of view. However, officers can be heard trying to get his attention several times.

“Hey Partner! Norman Police, you better come on out,” said officer Burris. “C’mon man, let’s come on down.”

“Is he acting like he don’t see nobody?” asked officers Deatheridge. “Yeah, he’s not doing nothin’, just layin’ there,” said Burris.

“It’s a little perplexing how he was able to make it so far without falling,” said Sarah Schettler, the Norman PD Public Information Officer told News 4.

Norman police said because of the precarious hiding spot, the Norman Fire Department had to bring in their big ladder and tools to help.

“We got some dummy up there in the ceiling,” said officer Deatheridge to firefighters.

While firefighters worked to get Hickman down, Officer Burris tried to figure out how Hickman managed to get inside.

“We’re not sure how he got in,” one employee told the officer.

“Think he dug a hole in the roof?” asked officer Burris.

The doors were locked and nothing looked strange or suspicious on the roof.

Meanwhile, inside the store, Hickman emerged from the ceiling. Police say he was covered in dust and caused around $1,000 in damages.

“What might have seemed like a simple act did quite a bit of damage,” said Schettler. “The ceiling tiles and the bending of frames in that ceiling areas but also there’s a lot of wiring that runs through those areas.”

Hickman was handcuffed and arrested on breaking and entering and malicious injury to property charges.

“Just in time for breakfast,” said officer Deatheridge.

Police said there were no immediate signs Hickman was under the influence, besides the confusion.

How Hickman got inside remains a mystery. Investigators hope surveillance video from Braum’s corporate headquarters will help them.