MIAMI, Okla. — A giant bear that once passed through on his way from Los Angeles to New York, is back in the Four States once again.

We first met “Bearsun” in September of 2021 on his way to New York City.

This time, he started at the “George Washington Bridge” in New York Back on November 5th.

He’s hoping to be back “home” in Los Angeles sometime in January.

He says it’s a form of art, to bring a character to life while also experiencing different parts of America.

Maybe someday it will even become a film script.

“You develop a purpose when you’re doing things. Sometimes, that’s how it works sometimes. I’m learning it myself. So, yeah, just… and keep your imagination. Don’t let go of that, man,” said “Bearsun,” Running Across America.

He says he’s also using his platform as a way to draw awareness to mental health.

He’ll stop in Bartlesville, Oklahoma on Monday.