OKLAHOMA — The Oklahoma chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union said Tuesday they have received multiple alerts of possible poll tampering.

On Twitter, the organization said:

ALERT: Our office has received multiple complaints of poll workers instructing voters to vote straight party. You do not have to vote straight party to have your vote counted. If a poll worker tells you who to vote for, contact our Election Protection Hotline at 405-849-5220.


The ACLU says the complaints came from voters in Oklahoma and Cleveland Counties. Those voters reported they were told they must vote straight-party to have their vote counted. County election boards were contacted and reminded to tell poll workers not to tell voters they have to vote straight party or how to cast their ballots.

While straight-party voting still exists in Oklahoma, as well as five other states, a person’s vote is legally valid no matter what mix of parties they vote for.

Straight-party voting – also known as straight-ticket voting – means voting for only one political party’s candidates on an election ballot. States with straight-party voting have what’s called a “master lever” option on their ballots, which allow for straight-party voting with a single checkmark.

Many states have since abolished or repealed the straight-party voting option. Missouri for instance abolished it’s own in 2006.