OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — The focal point of this Oklahoma City home isn’t the pool, the saferoom or the 14 solar panels – it’s the mammoth sunken living room.

The three bedroom, three bathroom home has 7,000 square feet and lists for $850,000, according to the real estate listing. The house had been on the market for eight days before a pending sale was noted on the real estate listing.  

Photos of the Oklahoma City estate and its listing circulated on social media after the Zillow Gone Wild Facebook account posted photos along with the caption: We found the final boss of sunken living rooms.

Built in 2015, this residence presents an alluring sense of modern intrigue, according to the listing.

Some of the 2,800 comments on Zillow Gone Wild:

“I say modern mid-century modern because a true mid-century is built in the 50/60s and looks like it’s never been touched since then to me. This is a modern, updated twist on a very cool style.”

“That’s not a sunken living room, it’s a conversation pit. There are still some to be found in my neighborhood.”

“That is not even remotely a “sunken” living room. It’s a pending Nacho disaster after you drink too many margaritas and decide to make nachos.”

‘That sunken living room is PERFECTION!! Only room I don’t care for is the den/media room, which feels a little claustrophobic compared with the airy feel of the rest of the house. Otherwise… *chef’s kiss*”

“This is actually a really beautifully updated mid-century modern home. If I had the money for it I’d buy it as-is, no hesitation.”

“I expected some monstrosity, but am overall blown away! The only thing I’d change is the kitchen. I need waaay more storage space for all my spices and things.”

Zillow Gone Wild typically lists houses for sale that are unusual or interesting.  The Facebook account has over 1 million followers.