OTTOWA COUNTY, Okla. — Another county fair is underway — this time in northeast Oklahoma. It’s the Ottawa County Fair, now in its 59th year.

Many farmers and families work diligently to be able to show their animals at the fair. Those livestock events and competitions bring in a big crowd, but, of course, carnival rides are also a big draw. And, Fair Board President Jeff Reynolds points out the event is a unique opportunity for folks who don’t live on a farm.

“The fair means a lot to the county it’s just a, you that tradition there’s people that that just wait for the county fair every year. You know even the people that live in town you know come out and see the animals. Sometimes it’s only, only time once a year get to see animals. You know get up close to them,” said Reynolds.

“Probably I get to make new friends and, it’s just really fun cause there’s a carnival you get to do that and we get to see the other animals there. That’s really fun,” said Emersyn Coyter.

Kids are allowed to start participating with livestock in the fair at a young age.

“I’m showing and I am doing the bidding contest and I’m gonna judge some animals,” Emersyn said.

“More involved they get, 4H, FFA – there’s lots opportunities there. And it’s the start you know when they can start showing livestock here when they’re three years old in the little bucket animal division. But they can move on to the bigger stuff when they’re five,” added Reynolds.

He has been a part of the fair for more than 20 years, and he says he enjoys watching the process of kids who start young and continue as they get older.

“Feels real good to see that process you know. The three-year-olds are nervous. Sometimes you just got to take them by the hand and you know be a buddy come and go with them and get them started. There’s some three-year-olds and I don’t care who’s out there watching them. You know, it’s all about them,” Reynolds said.

The fair runs through Saturday.