MIAMI, Okla. – Ottawa County Sheriff David Deam confirmed three inmates are at large after an escape from the county jail on Tuesday afternoon.

Four inmates were inside one of the dorm-style pods of the Ottawa County jail.

In the recreation yard were contractors and as they were leaving the area they exited through the jail’s sallyport area, Dean said.

The contractors walked to the north doors, to enter the sallyport, he said.

The four inmates ran out of the pod down the hallway out of the north doors and into the sally port and escaped, Dean said.

The inmates pushed their way past the jailers that were at the north doors leading to the sally port.

One inmate, Rusty Reece, was captured immediately by an Ottawa County detective and returned to the jail.

“Rusty Reece will be charged with escape and we will be obtaining warrants on the other three escapes,” Dean said.

The three on the run are:

  • Daniel Zajicek
  • Tyler Tavis
  • Buck Martindale

Zajicek, 31, of Miami, was jailed for shooting with intent to kill, Tavis, 31, of Miami, was jailed on a charge of aggravated assault and battery and Martindale, 40, of Quapaw, was jailed on several charges including assault on a police officer, online records show.

Miami Schools and Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College were placed under lockdown following initial reports of the escape.

This is a developing story and we will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.