MIAMI, Okla. — Finding a solution to lead contamination was the main topic of the 25th annual National Environmental Tar Creek Conference.

The 3-day conference is taking place on the campus of NEO A&M in Miami and is hosted by the Miami Lead Agency. Participants learned about strides made over the past few years, as well as the many dangers associated with the contamination and how to minimize it through yard clean-ups and EPA testing.

They also realize there’s still a long road ahead.

“Some of the ground’s been removed. The chats been removed. Some dirt has been put back on some sediment, but the real restoration for the environmental habitat has not happened,” said Rebecca Jim, LEAD Agency Founder and Tar Creek Keeper.

“The government at all levels has been slow on addressing the issues here, and I would just like to see more progress made,” said Ed Keheley.

“It’s very important to be good stewards of the environment now because our children will inherit the problems that we create or the problems we resolve. And I think it’s really important that we act as role models for them and let them know that it’s okay and that it’s safe to stand up for the rivers, the creeks around us,” said Kelsey Royce, Co-founder of TAARA.

The conference continues tomorrow in the Student Union Ballroom and starts at 9 a.m.