Northeast Oklahoma project focuses on Picher


OKLAHOMA — A group in Northeast Oklahoma is working on a bit of a history project. It’s focus – Picher.

Henry Ellick has been working for the past couple of days for the new Garden Memorial Park in Picher, Oklahoma.

Henry Ellick, Quapaw Tribe Grievance Committee, “Well I’ve been — getting all the land already cleared off and making it more presentable. Blown off all this pavement and stuff. Making it more presentable.”

The memorial on the 69 Highway has brought in a lot of visitors.

“People from Minnesota, Kansas City, Wichita, St. Louis has stopped by they read it on the internet.”

Susie Stone and her committee, have worked for almost 2 years to have a new location for their school reunions since the town was bought out by the EPA.

Susie Stone, Picher Garder Memorial Organizer, said, “Through that time we wanted to get a memorial set up for Picher hoping that it would be set up when the buy-out happened.”

While looking for a spot, the Qupaw Tribe gave them a piece of land where the old post office was.

“The Quapaw Tribe has been a great asset to this cause they’re letting us have the ground that we’re setting it up on without charging us anything you know and they will be responsible for all the legality which is such a blessing to us and we’re trying to get that set up.”

The Garden Memorial Park already has additions to it.

“We started out with the podiums which tells the history. And the Quapaw Tribe put a podium also to tell the history of the Quapaw Tribe which is good because it’s their land. So we got the podiums first and we got the cement cleaned off but then we got the gorilla moved this week which we were so excited about.”

It’s all in a effort to bring history back into their small mining town.

People just have a heart for it. Pitcher and Cardin people are really a united people they really love each other and I’m not just saying that they are so awesome the school was so awesome and everyone feels so blessed that we raised our children there and that we got to be part of that community.”

Stone says a lot of work still needs to be done on the site. No word on when it all will be finished.

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