Northeast Oklahoma high school working to grant student’s wish


MIAMI, Ok. — A high school in Northeast Oklahoma is raising funds to help grant a wish for one of its own.

The student’s name is Holden Proctor. The Miami High School Student Council started their Wish Week 2 years ago to raise funds to grant a wish for a critically ill Miami public school student through the Make A Wish Foundation.

When they heard Holden was elligilbe for make-a-wish, they wanted to do anything they can to help him and his family.

Toni Fields Holden’s Mother, said, “They estimated that his onstated systems was around the age of 3 they did not expect him to make it past 13. And he is almost 18 now.”

Miami High School Junior Holden Proctor was diagnosed with Huntingtons disease at age 12. His condition is so rare that he is ranked number 6 in the u.S. and is being monitored by Columbia University as part of a study for medical journals.

“He was having to go to physical therapy several times a week and the physical therapist actually nominated him to make a wish two weeks later we got a phone call before covid started saying that he had been nominated and asked if we wanted to follow through and asked if he had any specific wishes and at the time it was for Post Malone to play at the Senior Prom. But because of covid.”

Holden Proctor, said, “No the junior!”

“I’m sorry the junior, because of covid he wasn’t able to get that though,” said fields.

Though he wasn’t able to meet the singer, he does have another wish in mind.

“Yeah! A shopping spree for gaming,” said proctor.

“That is a potential, okay that’s what he’s asking,” said Fields.

It costs $7,500 to grant a wish, once the school heard holden was elliglible for Make-A-Wish, the studentS stepped in to help.

Cris Norton Student Council Sponsor, said, “We’re also doing Wish Week earrings as well, wax and hide candles has helped, we are doing wax and hide candles as well. We are also doing Wish Week shirts and all of the proceeds of those things that we sell go to the profits go towards making the wish come true.”

Last year they helped another student and raised $9,000.

“The one thing I try to tell the kids not to focus on the number but to focus on the act of what we’re doing.”

Toni had no idea the school was trying to help raise funds for her son, anything would help.

“Humbled. People that try to help people they’ve never met before and it’s just wanting Holden to feel special at least for a little while it’s nice,” said fields.

Proceeds from the three fundraisers will go towards the goal of funding for Holden’s wish through the Make A Wish Foundation. The deadline to donate will be April 16th.

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