Noel area residents work to keep streams clean


NOEL, Mo. — Every year, thousands of people converge on Noel for Memorial Day weekend. But some work needs to be done to prepare for the big weekend.

Mayor Terry Lance, said, “Most years they try and do a cleanup early in the spring to pick up trash as well as look for and try to eliminate major brush piles, things like that that might be a danger to the floaters.”

But due to the past year we’ve had, it’s been harder to do.

“Because of the Covid outbreak it just hasn’t gone last year, or this year, like most years. It’s just a little bit unhandier and it might pose a little bit more dangerous for some of the floaters who aren’t as experienced.

Even with the covid outbreak, Memorial Day weekend will go on, and workers at River Ranch are doing what they can to keep the area clean. But one employee says the community needs to do its part, too.

Trent Elik – River Ranch Employee, said, “The importance of keeping this river safe and clean is by using your red bags, throwing away your trash, no glass bottles either because it’s not allowed on the river. This river has been here a long time, and we just want to keep it clean.”

Trent adds, it’s important to do this because of the amount of people that come to the town.

“Noel is a beautiful place, and we attract a lot of tourists, especially our river, so we like keeping it clean and everyone has a good time.”

While Trent says it’s important to keep the river clean for the holiday weekend, Mayor Lance says people should always be doing their part.

“Anytime and every time, and not just Memorial weekend, it’s your city and your stream as well as it’s mine. Take ownership, take pride and every day to help keep it clean,” said Lance.

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