NMC’s Auxillary provides McDonald Co. Crowder healthcare students with scholarships


A Northwest Arkansas organization is helping healthcare students in Southwest Missouri meet their educational needs.

“It really means a lot to have this sort of grass roots–for lack of a better term–knowledge of our program, kind of get out there,” says Aaron Divine.

Northwest Medical Center’s Auxillary in Bentonville, Arkansas is providing the Crowder College campus in McDonald County scholarships for healthcare students.

“It’s $1 thousand dollar scholarship and they’ve got an undetermined amount of them right now it’s based on what their budget will hold,” says Aaron Divine.

“So, generally we are able to give 5 or 6 one thousand dollar scholarships, which I know is not a huge amount, but when you’re buying books and so forth it really comes in handy,” says Julie Amos.

Many students from the McDonald County Crowder campus become employed in Northwest Arkansas, especially at Northwest Medical Center, and the auxiliary wants to acknowledge the hard work the staff and students do for the healthcare field.

“We want to be able to supply the area- Benton County and McDonald County with professional people, people who have gone to school and who will be good employees for them,” says Amos.

“To have Northwest reach out to us and say ‘hey we recognize you guys as an equal partner on the playing field’ is an exceptional thing,” says Aaron Divine.

And the Crowder administration admires this partnership as it helps the students worry about one less thing.

“That’s the best part of the whole scholarship is the fact that our students who many of them have to balance life outside of campus-the opportunity for them to have a better help- another helping hand I guess for lack of a better term, an extra thousand dollars in their pocket goes a long way for our students,” says Divine.

And the McDonald County campus of Crowder College hosts several classes for the healthcare professionals from phlebotomy to tech assistance.

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