Nexstar Broadcasting Founder’s Day of Caring

20 years ago, on  June 17th, 1996, Nexstar Broadcasting Group launched its service to our communities with one station in Pennsylvania. The company, under the leadership of president and CEO, Perry Sook, has grown to 115 stations, serving tens of millions of people across the United States.
It all began in Scranton, Pennsylvania. A blue collar city of about 85,000 people in the Northeastern part of the state. The mission of Nexstar Broadcasting then and now is community service. It’s a mission that’s spreading nationwide. WYOU-TV  was located in a former department store building in downtown Scranton, humble beginnings for the Nexstar Broadcasting Group, which is growing by leaps and bounds.
“We have now grown to a company with over 100 television stations, serving over 60 markets and a corporate employee base of over 4,500 employees,” said Perry Sook, Chairman, CEO, and President of Nexstar Broadcasting Group.
Sook has always believed that serving the local community is at the very heart of Nexstar’s mission. Nexstar employees are known for giving back to their communities, that led to the creation  of “Founder’s Day.”
“With June 17th being our 20th anniversary, we set a goal of 20,000 hours of community service and the company will support that by giving every employee that registers, five paid hours of time off to do service in the local communities,” said Sook.
That’s 20,000 hours and $20,000 to local charities, distributed by our stations.
“Each market decided where their hours and the dollars donations would go,” Sook explained.
Perry Sook has always believed that community service should be at the very heart of every Nexstar television station. He hopes to make Founder’s Day an annual event.

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