Newton County to get new dispatch system


After 18 years of using the same system, Newton County is getting a new dispatch system that is one of the first of its kind — including being the one of the first in the state to connect law enforcement agencies across county lines.

“The information will be instantly transferred from place to place. Great savings in manpower and very much more efficient,” says Chris Jennings, Newton Co. Sheriff.

The Newton County dispatch is getting a new system- one that will change the way law enforcement and first responders communicate.

“It’s actually going to allow for all the agencies in Newton County to have one database, so we are all going to share if somebody is at the jail we will be able to see that on  the CAD side,” says Chancy Huntzinger, Newton Co. Dispatch Director.

“Well, for instance if something is done in Seneca and goes on to the system every agency in the area will be able to see it immediately,” says Chris Jennings.

And this doesn’t just impact Newton County. Jasper County and the city of Joplin will be connected with the same system allowing for faster contact with each agency. 

“So, we will be able to give each other live updates through the CAD without taking the time of calling them on the phone or reaching them by radio,” says Chancy Huntzinger.

The system which is being made from the ground up.

“Just kind of wanted to start from scratch as we wanted and with the best and greatest information,” says Huntzinger.

Is supposed to increase officer safety while decreasing the response time.

“Officer safety is a big issue, you know this will have officer location for their vehicles. That’s a big issue, but just the importance of solving cases, responding better for the public. Things of that nature- it’s just going to be a more efficient system,” says Chris Jennings.

The new dispatch system is set to go online at the beginning of November.

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