Newton County staff files restraining order against Newton County Commissioners


NEWTON COUNTY, Mo. — The Newton County Commissioners are facing a restraining order–filed by the county’s own staff.

It all focuses around the county’s data–who protects it and who manages it.

The commission put a bid out for that job–Stronghold Data won.

The company would be the sole organization handling security for the county’s data.

That’s where the issues start.

Commissioners found out two I.T. Guys were working for county staff.

In an effort to keep everything secure–to avoid being hacked–commissioners wanted that to stop.

They sent an email to the Recorder, Jennifer Childers and the Treasurer, Gina Rodriguez.

It instructed them, as well as all county staff to not allow those men back into the building.

Commissioners also asked for any and all financial records starting January the first of this year.

They believed county staff was incorrectly paying for services.

Commissioners also told staff–if staff wouldn’t allow the Stronghold Data to come in and work–commissioners would wait until after hours when staff wasn’t there.

Rodriguez and Childers say these orders are illegal and unauthorized.

They allege this is an attempt to intimidate office holders and their staffs.

Bill Reidbolt, Presiding Commissioner, said, “we will handle this disagreement professionally and by court of law.”

Reidbolt says commissioners will answer this injunction tomorrow.

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