Newton County Sheriff’s office to appear on Live P.D.


NEWTON COUNTY, Mo. — The Newton County Sheriff’s office will be joining other Sheriff’s across the nation on Live P.D.

The office has just signed a contract with the producers of the show.

It’s part of a special program about fighting crime in the Ozarks.

It’s an opportunity for the public to see how real law enforcement work as opposed to the ones they see on television.

Chris Jennings, Newton County Sheriff, said, “The shows on television now show things how we’d like it to be, like DNA results back in the same one hour show, doesn’t happen, that’s months, this kind of show shows I think show the real life aspect of law enforcement and gives people a better idea of what we have to deal with.”

Due to the coronavirus, Sheriff Jennings says no date has been set for when filming in Newton County will take place or when the episode or episodes might air.

However, once that information is known, we will of course keep you up to date.

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