DIAMOND, Mo. — George Washington Carver’s passions for art were showcased today.

The National Monument held the “Casting a Legacy” program this afternoon.

Park Guide Valerie Baldwin gave a tour around the grounds, explaining the history behind the “George Washington Carver Bust Statue,” the “Boy Carver Statue” and the “Bronze Commemorative Plaque.”

The Bust Statue has a recording of a commencement speech in 1943 spoken by Carver himself.

This was the last public appearance of Carver before he passed away just months after.

Baldwin says art was one of Carver’s first forms of love.

“While we’re looking at these castings and these statues as a way to honor him in a different type of medium other than just kind of paint and water color, it also gives us a chance to talk about his artistic side, which is also a part that maybe not everybody knows about. Because it’s also a huge part of who he was, too,” said Valerie Baldwin, Park Guide.

The next event for the National Monument is “International Observe the Moon Night” on October 1st at 6:30 pm.