GRANBY, Mo. — Granby Elementary students study Native American heritage while learning speech sounds. The students start by learning about the story of the first Thanksgiving, and its origin.

Mrs. Enlow states it is important to teach Native history while giving the students a fun environment to learn in.

“So when I use the teepee in my lessons, we start out by making the teepee first of all. We cover it with Buffalo skins, so that’s my brown paper. And then I have the kids pick out their speech sounds. So we have speech sounds, G, K, F, V. We have blends BL, CL. We also have clusters, STR. And I have the kids help me put those on the teepee and so we talk about those different sounds within our lessons while we’re playing games,” said Summer Enlow, Speech Assistant.

“We play games in the teepee and the teepee is big. So it’s full of little ones, but if it’s for the big one, so then we have to duck to get in there,” said Ryan Seedlorf, 4th grader.

For December Mrs. Enlow does an “Around the World Unit” including Germany, Holland, and Mexico using the teepee as a Christmas tree.