DIAMOND, Mo. — Kids in Diamond learned all about agriculture today. The Diamond High School FFA department hosted its annual “Food For America Day”. Students set up 20 booths with plants, animals, and farm equipment — All to teach elementary students where their food really comes from.

“It gives the kids an opportunity to build relationships with those younger kids and to learn how to advocate for agriculture. That’s something that not every program gets to do, is to tell people about what they do and why they do it. And these kids have a big passion for it, and it’s something they can do for their whole life, so getting them started young is always better off,” said McKenzie Brashers, Diamond High School Ag Teacher.

“They love getting to see all the animals of course, but they think it’s really cool to learn, “Oh, there’s different soil layers!” Because they had no idea, they thought dirt was dirt. So it’s just really rewarding to get to see what we’re teaching these kids and see them be so interactive with it,” said Campbell Frazier, Diamond FFA Chapter President.

The kids got to meet a variety of animals including goats, snakes, and a friendly hedgehog.