Newton County Health Department warns of ticks during summer months


NEWTON COUNTY, Mo. — With summertime in full swing, as we head outside to enjoy the warm weather, you may want to remain cautious of ticks.

Walking on a trail or just enjoying sometime outside, there are some tiny critters you need to watch out for.

Larry Bergner, Administrator, Newton Co. Health Dept, said, “Ticks are a nuisance, they can carry certain diseases as well, such as Lyme disease. So, we definitely want to avoid ticks if possible.”

The parasite can bring unwanted symptoms like fever, rashes and chills.

Health experts recommend wearing bug repellent outside to reduce your chances of getting getting bit.

“Products that have deet or picaridin, other FDA approved insect repellent will certainly help fend off those ticks.”

The insect can be found in the woods or in bushes.

Parents like Brittany Dawley are taking extra precautions.

Brittany Dawley, Parent, said, “A lot of sunscreen and bug spray definitely.”

And she’s checking her children before they go home–especially their hair and behind their ears.

“We check everywhere, including lines of the underwear, chiggers really like to go in warm spots, under the armpits.”

If you do find yourself with a tick bite, removing it is pretty easy.

“Usually a good pair of tweezers to get as far in to that, get the head out. You can also get some alcohol on the tick and try to get it to release,” said Bergner.

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