Newton County Commissioners respond to restraining order


NEWTON COUNTY, Mo. — Newton County Commissioners respond to the restraining order filed against them, saying it has no legal basis.

The commission says they have authority over any expenses for the county a claim the Treasurer and Recorder dispute.

The Commission’s Attorney says Missouri law makes information about any and all payments made by the Treasurer and the Recorder public record.

The restraining order also references claims regarding the County Clerk.

But according to the commission the Treasurer and the Recorder are not under the Clerk, meaning those claims are irrelevant to the case.

The commission’s main argument–they are elected officials of the county.

They hold sole responsibility for any contracts in the county.

The restraining order all started with Stronghold Data winning a bid to protect and manage Newton County’s data.

The commission found out an unrelated I.T. contractor was also working for county staff, and they wanted to end that access.

So they sent staff an email saying those guys were not allowed in the building.

But, the Recorder, Jennifer Childers and the Treasurer, Gina Rodriguez didn’t want to do that.

So they filed a restraining order against the commissioners.

Commissioners say because of sunshine law, and because they are elected officials that hold sole responsibility for the management of the county, the court has no jurisdiction and should side with them.

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