Newton County Commissioner is using his past experiences to help others


NEWTON COUNTY, MO – One local county commissioner is using his past experience to help him serve the people.

For the past 25 years, Newton County Commissioner David Osborn has been enlisted in the Missouri National Guard.

With that, he’s spent time in Afghanistan for combat engineer operations.

“Once you dedicate your life to service, you always look for a way to serve. And being a county commissioner, that’s a great way to serve your community, serve your county and your state also.” Says Osborn.

Osborn says it’s the leadership, safety, and mentoring skills he learned in the National Guard that’s helped him become the commissioner he is today.

He adds these skills are vital for many positions, not just for county commission.

“Whether it’s congressman, whether it’s senator, whichever it would be, military service would play a vital part of experience towards all of that.” Says Osborn.

But it’s his time as a heavy equipment operator in Afghanistan that’s helped him connect with the community and make them understand city projects.

“You actually understand how the equipment works, you understand how the roads built, the pitch and fall of the road, the ditch lines, how wide they need to be, just general knowledge of that and having that experience, that definitely applies to it.” Says Osborn.

But with his time ending in the Missouri National Guard, he says it’s not retiring, it’s moving on to the next roll of service.

“To be able to step up and serve as a county commissioner, it’s just continuing that life of service. So it’s a privilege to do that, and I always seek for the best decisions to be made for our county and for our state.” Says Osborn.

Osborn adds he would love to see more veterans step up and run for those office positions.

Osborn is expecting his first retirement check from the guard next month.

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