Arkansas students celebrate annual Senior Roll Night

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-“It’s a tradition every year. The Seniors roll the Juniors. It’s all about school spirit,” Chris Palmer said.

The first day of school and students in North Little Rock are starting the year in a creative way that’s catching people’s attention.

It’s called Senior Roll Night and it’s organized by the students.

The senior class spends the night before the first day of school rolling the houses of the junior class with toilet paper and other objects.

Some people though this was a school prank, but others say it’s far from that.

It dates back to the early 90’s and it’s something many people look forward to every year.

Several parents and students said it’s all fun and games as long as students don’t take it too far.

In North Little Rock you may have noticed toilet paper, mail boxes stuffed with flowers and mattresses spray-painted in Blue anf Gold around several homes.

“It’s just a tradition it’s fun,” Chase Palmer said.

“I think it’s an awakening of this is like who the Seniors are this year and you just have to get ready for it. Mess up the juniors yard,” Logan Weaver said.

Chris Palmer lives on Seminole Trail in North Little Rock. Ragged paper hooks onto leaves and limbs in his front yard.

“Aww it’s fine, some of it is already falling down,” Palmer.

A few houses over, one home on Ottawa looks like a Halloween scene.

“Some are worst than mine so it wasn’t bad at all,” Palmer said.

Kenny Weaver lives in North Little Rock and woke up to a surprise.

“We had mattresses in the front yard.Probably a hundred rolls of toilet paper, confetti, syrup and mustard everywhere,” Weaver said.

Weaver says he has no problems with the tradition.

“I think as long as they’re respectful and don’t tear anything up vandalize it,” Weaver said.

But when it comes to his son Logan.

“He’s about to get some bags and get to work,” Weaver said.

He and several other students in the Junior class have a lot of work to do.

“Hate it. It’s fine because I’m going to do it next year,” Chase and Leslie Palmer said.

They had this advice for the next class.

“Watch out…yes for sure,” Chase and Leslie Palmer said.

The school released a statement,

Senior Roll Night is a tradition that is neither regulated nor encouraged by the North Little Rock School District.

Dustin Barnes, APR

Communications Coordinator, North Little Rock School District

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