10-year-old author becomes Amazon best-seller

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HOOVER, Ala (WIAT) — A 10-year-old girl in Hoover can cross ‘Best-selling author’ off her bucket list. 

Nia Mya Reese has written three books and just recently, her latest one made amazon’s best sellers. 

Nia Mya’s first book idea started when she was 8 years old at Deer Valley Elementary School.

She was given an assignment to write about something in which she was an expert, which she decided was her annoying little brother.  Three books later, she’s still writing away and touching many lives along the way. 

Nia Mya Reese is just your average 10-year-old girl. She has a guinea pig named Peanut, she likes video games, and she’s a best-selling author. 

“It’s called inspiration,” Nia Mya said. 

Her three books all have a theme.

“I would cover mainly two things: treat people the way you want to be treated and to just be kind,” Nia Mya said.

Her first book titled ‘How to deal with and care for your annoying little brother’ made a best sellers list.

Then came ‘Bully at school: a bully’s perspective.’

“You do it more than one point view,” Nia Mya said. “You see both sides and how they make one big beautiful blow up story.”

Nia Mya’s other, Cherinita Reese, said all of these ideas start in a journal. 

“I really can’t keep up with the ideas that is coming out of her head. She has books, businesses inside her head, really good ideas, and I’m thinking hunny you need your own assistant,” Reese said. 

Then came her third book, “The sore loser: don’t be one”, another recent amazon best sellers.

“I feel like I have accomplished a superhero mission yet I also feel pooped,” Nia Mya said. 

Nia Mya is traveling all over to see her supporters and sign books. Her mother said those moments are priceless. 

“When you see that inspiration light in those kids eyes. When they see soemone that looks like them and they leave out there knowing whqatever it is their good at, if they continue to work at that it’ll take them far,” Reese said. 

Book four is already in the works, but of course it’s a secret. 

“From an early age her name means purpose that is great. I think at an early age, walking out a great purpsoe to be so young,” Reese said. 

“Nothing in my life plan of the two years expected this,” Nia Mya said. 

Nia Mya said her fourh book will be a comic and a series. Stay tuned for the next release! 

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