News business headed to 5th Street in Pittsburg

A new business is headed to 5th Street in Pittsburg after a damaged building had to be torn down.

"Rise Development" put in a bid for $45 thousand dollars for the lot and won at tonight's city commission meeting. The boston company plans to build a three story building with eight luxury condo lofts on the upper floors with commercial space on the bottom. Final plans for the building have to be in by August 31st.

In April the structure that was on the lot had to be demolished after it was deemed unsafe. Another company, 5th Street Bar and Grill also looked to purchase the piece of land. The mayor of Pittsburg says they chose the business that will be most beneficial to the city.

"We're looking at what is. What is most likely to bring in property tax, and sales tax, and what is it that's going to give us the most return on our investment in that, because it is an investment,” says Jeremy Johnson.

"The Pittsburg city plan for downtown is to preserve with the new design standards that they've implemented and everything like that. Preserve the integrity of what the city use to look like downtown and we wanna help them do that,” says Justin Benster.

The mayor and the rest of the commission say this was a tough decision to make between the two parties.

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