Newest Golden Lion Award winner comes from Webb City


Tonight we head to Cardinal country for our latest Golden Lion Award winner.

It may be an understatement to say that Narissa Lamont loves horses.

“My two horses, I really don’t want to leave them, I love them so much,” says Narissa Lamont, WCHS Jr.

When she graduates high school next year. There’s King Arthur.

“Is a mini pony and is about this tall,” says Narissa Lamont.

And Lancelot.

“He’s this giant thoroughbred – he used to be a race horse now he’s not. The difference is hysterical,” says Lamont.

And taking care of the pair is just the start of her love for animals. She also volunteers at the Carthage Animal Hospital and the Joplin Humane Society.

“Walking dogs, playing with kittens, that’s mostly what the volunteers there get to do,” says Lamont.

Narissa also spends extra time in school – just not her campus.

“I do tutoring through Madge T. James, the kindergarten center,” says Lamont.

She reads to kindergartners, volunteering with a definite payback.

“I enjoy them. They’re really cute, they see me and they’re like “Miss Narissa!” I’m like ‘Hi, guys’ and then I get 30 hugs. It’s really great,” says Narissa Lamont.

And teacher Lea Morgan says Narissa is always ready to help out.

“Always willing to put forth that extra effort and take the initiative when other people don’t want to take the initiative to take a step forward and make an experience better not just for her self but for everyone involved,” says Lea Morgan, WCHS Teacher.

Working with kids could play a role in her future, but right now her first choice would involve animals, an a path that could lead through MSSU.

“I want to become a vet, mainly with large animals,” says Narissa Lamont.

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