Newell Brands gives back to the Four States


A multinational corporation is helping to improve the lives of local residents.

Newell Brands in Neosho supplies big companies like Walmart and Target with small appliances and cookware. Headquartered in New Jersey, and distributes products all over the world, but also creates an impact for people in the Four States as well.

“The Newell Brands corporation has gone above and beyond for the citizens of Newton County,” says Terry Cook, Newton Co. Basket Brigade President.

The multinational company Newell Brands, has a small appliances and cookware division in Neosho.

“At our location here we’re a 1.86 million square foot distribution center and warehouse,” says Duane Bullard.

With most of its employees from the area– 

“Anytime somebody is in need, you know it typically affects somebody who works here,” says Duane Bullard.

Newell Brands strives to give back to the community through non-profits like the Ronald McDonald House, Special Olympics, and the Lafayette House.

“Last year I believe we donated about $50 thousand and half of that was strictly through employee donations from payroll deduction and the company matched that dollar for dollar,” says Bullard.

And also—the Newton County Food Basket Brigade.

“Last year, they gave us a ten thousand dollar grant, and when you’re buying food for folks that goes a long ways. It’s just fantastic,” says Terry Cook.

Not only did employees donate money, but also volunteer hours to help during the food pick-up and distribution events.

“Whether it’s picking up trash or pushing grocery carts or whatever they’ve got employees out there, and they’re just as much a part of the event. It’s just great,” says Terry Cook.

“We want to be able to support their family and friends in need. It feels really good to help everybody,” says Duane Bullard.

The company hopes to surpass the $50 thousand dollars they gave in grants last year, and help more people this year.

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