Newborns in Need


Ask any parent and they’ll tell you how expensive it is to buy baby clothes, diapers, bottles and all the other items needed to care for a baby. And not every family can afford all those expenses.

It’s called “Newborns in Need” which is a not for profit organization with 45 different chapters in 25 states. The closest one was in Springfield, but thanks to the efforts of a Joplin woman, that has now changed.

Lindsey Fisher is the health and nutrition services manager for the Economic Security Corporation of Jasper, Newton, Barton and McDonald County. Over the years, she’s noticed a tremendous need for baby items. So she’s started a local chapter of “Newborns in Need.”

“Working with Head Start and Earlier Head Start with families in poverty there’s always a need for something, blankets, diapers, wipes, anything like that,” says Fisher.

She had heard of the organization but found out the closest one was in Springfield which already serves 30 Southwest Missouri counties. She says that chapter is just maxed out with the number of people they provide for.

“And we just work with families who are in poverty, or they have a medical crisis or they’ve had a death of a child in the family,” says Fisher.

Fisher just started the local chapter a few weeks ago and she’s hoping that area individuals, organizations and churches that have a heart for children will get involved.

“Donate gowns, caps, blankets, pacifiers, bottles, diapers, wipes, receiving blankets, car seats that aren’t expired, anything a newborn would need,” says Fisher.

For more information on how you can help, we have a link to the organization’s Facebook page here.

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