New York City honors the medical field who played such a big role during the pandemic


NEW YORK CITY, NY – In today’s dose of good news… New York City is coming together to honor the doctors, nurses, and frontline workers who played such a vital role during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tonight those images right here in New York City, honoring the first responders, the doctors, the nurses, those on the frontlines.

“They mean everything. They are the ones that kept us going. These are the people that were behind the scenes, in front of the scenes, around the clock 24/7.” Says Phyllis Ferraro, Parade Attendee.

At the front, the Grand Marshal, Nurse Sandra Linsay. The first person in the country to get the vaccine.

All of this today in a city where we’ve been honoring the frontline workers from the start. The heroes all over this country

We’ve followed the Johnson family from Manchester, NH.

The nurses at the Catholic Medial Center, caring for their father,

His family could not enter the hospital, communicating with those nurses through signs.

“We will make sure he’s comfortable and in no pain. We will tell him you love him. We will hold his hand.” Says the nurses.

The Johnsons thank them.

A week and a half into their father’s fight, they lost him. And that difficult message: “He is at peace. We are so sorry.”

The family heartbroken but we will never forget they told us they gained another family in the process.

And they have come back to that window, months after losing their father.

And the nurses telling us they’re grateful.

“Just seeing them come to the window to know that someone out there believes in us and that the work that we do is important in here. It means a lot.” Says a nurse.

While back in New York City tonight that same message.

A city, a country, grateful.

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