New treatment helping patients recover from knee surgery


JOPLIN, Mo. — Local patients needing knee surgery are getting some relief from the pain that goes with it through a new treatment.

Dayon Huffman, Patient, said, “The first one I had trouble even getting in and out of bed.”

Dayon Huffman has had knee surgery not just once but twice.

Recovering from the second procedure was much easier.

“From the time I came back from surgery I had no trouble.”

Huffman says there still was some pain – but nothing like his first go round.

“It just took a lot longer, it was a lot more painful and I’m attributing the Iovera that made it better.”

Dr. Derek Miller is seeing good results with his patients using Iovera.

Dr. Derek Miller, Orthopedic Surgeon, said, “Probably have been using it throughout the country for about a year – we’ve been using it here since June and it’s used to treat post operative knee pain.”

The treatment starts before surgery using nitrous oxide.

“And it freezes the nerves that provide the feeling to the skin and the muscle and the soft tissue. It freezes the area where the surgery’s performed through the soft tissue and there’s significant pain and swelling afterwards and this treats the post operative surgical pain by pre-treating the nerves and freezing those prior to the surgery.”

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